LynneQuisition: A Vine Voice Reviewer

Interviews by Lynne CantwellYou may have seen the “Vine Voice” tag on reviews around Amazon’s website, and wondered what it meant. Here to help us figure it out is Mystery Reviewer, who participates in the Vine Voice program. He has agreed to take a seat in the comfy chair while I ask him a few questions. (He thinks he’s safe because he doesn’t review many books, but just in case, he wishes to remain anonymous…)

Mystery Reviewer (MR), how does the Vine program work, and how did you get into it? Continue reading “LynneQuisition: A Vine Voice Reviewer”

LynneQuisition: Michael Gallagher

When I went spelunking through the list of top Amazon reviewers awhile back, I didn’t expect to see a familiar name. But there he was: Michael Gallagher of Kindle Books & Tips is a Top-10 Amazon reviewer. He has graciously consented to don both hats and sit in the Comfy Chair for this month’s LynneQuisition. Continue reading “LynneQuisition: Michael Gallagher”