Meet the Author: Aron Joice

Aron Joice is a published songwriter, and the author of The Lost Children of Managrail series. The Rising, book one of the Ya Fantasy is currently available in Ebook and print. Book two — Vanished, will be released in early 2013 along with her novella The Land of Beautiful. An adult historical fiction is also in the works. Aron is passionate about the arts and rescuing animals.

As with many writers, Aron says getting through the learning curve of all the social media platforms has been a challenge. “At first I read every Writer’s Digest available, bought books, studied everything I could find online and then mapped out a plan. I didn’t get Twitter, or why anyone would spend their time tweeting. Facebook was a challenge and still is for me. I found a few blogs that I believed to be relevant to my purpose and stayed true. I felt like I was in Platform College. On a one to one basis I like Linkedin, it is more give and take. I’ve made wonderful friends on Twitter and we support one another. FB is like a newspaper to me. I have to say Indies Unlimited has taught me more than I could ever imagine and has been a great guide.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Aron Joice”

Aron Joice Announces New Release

Author Aron Joice is pleased to announce the release of her book, The Rising (The Lost Children of Managrail), now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Managrail has been at peace for one hundred years, but things are about to change. After a near-fatal fall, Prince Simian and his sister, Lila, find themselves lost in an unknown land, forced to embark on a dangerous journey.

Far away, another brother and sister return home, only to find their village of Dirth plundered and their family murdered. Two brother and sisters, different in every way, are brought together by tragedy.

As the queen’s champion leads a search for the heirs, a colorful cast of allies joins them. Can the powers of the enchanted Light Bringers help them escape from ancient beasts that hunger for the taste of human flesh, and save their lands and people from the dark powers of an evil sorceress? Love-ambivalence-betrayal. Who will live and who is to be trusted?

For more information about Aron, see her Amazon author page and her blog.