Meet the Author: Aron Joice

Aron Joice is a published songwriter, and the author of The Lost Children of Managrail series. The Rising, book one of the Ya Fantasy is currently available in Ebook and print. Book two — Vanished, will be released in early 2013 along with her novella The Land of Beautiful. An adult historical fiction is also in the works. Aron is passionate about the arts and rescuing animals.

As with many writers, Aron says getting through the learning curve of all the social media platforms has been a challenge. “At first I read every Writer’s Digest available, bought books, studied everything I could find online and then mapped out a plan. I didn’t get Twitter, or why anyone would spend their time tweeting. Facebook was a challenge and still is for me. I found a few blogs that I believed to be relevant to my purpose and stayed true. I felt like I was in Platform College. On a one to one basis I like Linkedin, it is more give and take. I’ve made wonderful friends on Twitter and we support one another. FB is like a newspaper to me. I have to say Indies Unlimited has taught me more than I could ever imagine and has been a great guide.”

Aron’s favorite part of the writing is when the story or idea is born. “I am a very visual person, and often a scene will develop before my mind’s eye. I love beginnings; it is as if I am watching a movie. I stand back and observe the details and wait for a feeling. From that point on I let it happen. I like to see where my characters are going to take me and sometimes they surprise me. The end can turn me upside down. I’ll have it all sorted out and then wham, something else develops.”

Aron says if a reader pays attention to the inner struggles of her characters they will get her as a writer. “At first my stories seem like simple little tales; they are not. The complexity of my characters’ struggles will surprise many a reader. You pick up on that aspect; you will understand a great deal about me as a person and a writer. Just enjoy the tale and know I am a teller of stories, hopefully a good one. The bottom line is the reader takes a ride on my words, which is my magic carpet, and in the end if they had fun with the journey, they get me.”

The romantic interludes in Aron’s books are more about feelings than sex. She’s not opposed to sex scenes, but says it isn’t where she wants her stories to go. “I have author friends that write titillating scenes, and they are adult sans the vulgarity. They are great; I just can’t write them. I hear Billy Joel singing in my head about Catholic girls. I was raised Catholic; maybe that has something to do with the inability to dive into that area? I do like touching love scenes. I’m a romantic at heart and love the whole knight in shining armor arriving on that big white horse.”

Aron is an avid reader. As she puts it, she “devours” books, ending her day with a reading. Her pet peeve is a lack of originality. “The one thing that stands out is the whole vampire, and angel thing in YA. I write YA, but I want to see more originality and less assembly line writing. It really is beating a dead horse. There are authors who are outstanding in their presentation of the above and then a thousand copycats came along. If I read a review and it stated a book was another Harry Potter, I probably wouldn’t’ read it because of that statement. I am a big Rowling fan, but there is one J.K.”

We asked Aron to gaze into her crystal ball and tell us what she sees for the future of the publishing world. “I do believe some kind of change will happen. I’d hate to see brick & mortar stores become a thing of the past. I love holding a book when I’m reading. Personally, getting lost in a bookstore is so enjoyable. After all is said and done there will be a balance between digital and brick & mortar, there has to be. People are afraid of change especially when it comes to their pocketbooks. Maybe this is why everyone is running around like Chicken Little. . . It will work out in the end despite anything we do.”

You can find out more about Aron on her blog, Amazon author page, and Facebook.

The Rising: The Lost Children of Managrail (Volume 1)
by Aron Joice
Available in print or Kindle format from Amazon.

Two brothers and sisters different in every way are brought together by tragedy. Together they will fight side by side aided by magical creatures and Managrail’s best. Can they stop the golden city from utter destruction? Will Princess Lila succumb to an evil that has long awaited her arrival? Prince Simian desperately tries to ward off his ambivalence towards his sister and in doing so questions his heart. A secret is discovered when all the magic tribes fight what could be their last battle. Thousands of lives depend on the actions of one young Princess. Everyone learns that love can heal, but also destroy.

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  1. Welcome again Aron. You have found a great site here with many helpful articles,friends and a family away from home. Thanks for sharing your feelings about writing. I look forward to more of your Flash Fiction entries.

    1. Thank you for your continued support Dick; it means a great deal to me. I am the inch worm, and with the help of my IU family I am honing my craft. I am so grateful. I will give another hand at the Flash Fiction. Thank you again for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I loved your interview Aron, it was lovely to see into your world and talk about your characters and how they develop. As you know I have read your first book and am looking forward to reading the second. Well done you are a extremely talented writer.

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