Chris James Announces New Title

Indies Unlimited contributing author Chris James is pleased to announce the release of his new science fiction novel, The Second Internet Cafe, Part 2: The Cascade Annihilator.

Dimension researcher Lucas Hunter returns to confront his nemesis, Dietrich, in an explosive showdown. But now Lucas’s enemy is armed with the most devastating weapon imaginable.

In reality one, the Second Internet Café is itself under renewed threat. The return of Dietrich has given its enemies the means to see it closed down once and for all. From among its staff, senior analyst Paula Featherstone finds herself unwittingly thrown into the centre of the battle to keep control of the Second Internet Café. As danger of a military strike on Europe in our universe increases, Lucas jumps to an alternate 1988 to confront Dietrich. Back in the Second Internet Café, Paula and others struggle to keep the facility functioning so Lucas can return.

Lucas clashes with Dietrich in a devastating final battle, where he must defeat both Dietrich and the weapon that can destroy our universe: the cascade annihilator.

The Cascade Annihilator was released on February 15, 2013 and is currently available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and in print from Lulu.

Chris James Announces New Release

Indies Unlimited contributing author Chris James is pleased to announce the release of his new comedy/picture book The B Team and Me, or How five adorable puppies nearly ruined my life.

The B Team and Me

When a struggling writer reluctantly agrees to give a home to a stray dog, he gets far more than he bargained for. The dog gives birth to a litter of pups that turn the writer’s life upside down and threaten to ruin him.

A hilarious comedy-picture book that shows five cute, adorable puppies as you’ve never seen puppies before!

Chris says that he was encouraged to take a break from writing his current science fiction novel by two Twitter friends, “When my dog had the puppies in the spring, I put up a few jokey blog posts with pictures and these friends suggested I publish them in a book. At first I thought that copy-and-pasting the posts into a book would be unfair, in that I would charge people for something I’d previously been happy to give away, but then I realised that I could take the idea one step further. I created characters, a proper story arc, then sifted through the hundreds of pictures I’d taken of the pups, so the reader not only gets a funny short story of the chaos the pups cause, but also over 50 of the best photographs I took.”

Although the humour is a little racy in places, Chris believes The B Team and Me would make the perfect gift for animal lovers and anyone who has a soft spot for cute, adorable puppies.

The B Team and Me is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK, and in print from Lulu. In addition, Chris decided to put this book into Amazon’s KDP Select programme, something he’s always said he’d never do with his books, and he is now wondering what the appropriate dressing is that one should have when one eats one’s own words.

Aron Joice Announces New Release

Author Aron Joice is pleased to announce the release of her book, The Rising (The Lost Children of Managrail), now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Managrail has been at peace for one hundred years, but things are about to change. After a near-fatal fall, Prince Simian and his sister, Lila, find themselves lost in an unknown land, forced to embark on a dangerous journey.

Far away, another brother and sister return home, only to find their village of Dirth plundered and their family murdered. Two brother and sisters, different in every way, are brought together by tragedy.

As the queen’s champion leads a search for the heirs, a colorful cast of allies joins them. Can the powers of the enchanted Light Bringers help them escape from ancient beasts that hunger for the taste of human flesh, and save their lands and people from the dark powers of an evil sorceress? Love-ambivalence-betrayal. Who will live and who is to be trusted?

For more information about Aron, see her Amazon author page and her blog.