Cross Training: It’s For Writers, Too

iStock_000001468685XSmallBefore a series of accidents and injuries took me out of the game for good, I was a competitive runner. Not a very good one, because my choice of parents gave me tiny little legs and a lack of speed, but I enjoyed lacing up my sneaks and getting out on the road—the discipline, the feeling of accomplishment, the community. Then, somewhere around the death of disco, those experts in the running community began sounding a drumbeat about cross training. If all you did was run, they said, it increased your chances of getting bored, getting burned out, and yes, getting injured. So, along with running, I played racquetball. I race-walked. I took up yoga. I swam. I lifted weights. Not only did this stave off my eventual need to quit the sport, it helped me segue into different activities that kept me fit and generally sane without the need to sign half my income over to physical therapists and chiropractors. Continue reading “Cross Training: It’s For Writers, Too”

Burnout? But the Year Just Started! Five Steps to Being More Productive

We’re firmly entrenched into the New Year—the stress of the holidays is over, we’ve marketed like crazy to get to all those new device owners and the last thing we want to do is look at another social media tweet, blog, post or anything—especially, if you have to generate the content.

Burnout is serious business. It can kill your motivation and even leave you with a negative attitude toward the things that are an integral part of your overall writing/publishing career. So today, here are a few tips to avoid and even attack social media burnout. Continue reading “Burnout? But the Year Just Started! Five Steps to Being More Productive”

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