Five Ways to Overcome Fear and Build Confidence

5 steps for builing confidence and overcoming fearLast week we discussed fear in our writing careers. After reading comments, both public and private, I decided to take things one step deeper this week. After all, it’s easy to say, “Don’t let fear get in the way of your success.”

Many of us recognize our fears. How do we overcome them? Can I tell you to just go and talk to the bookstores and you’ll conquer your fear? Hardly, it’s much more complex than that. With that in mind, here are five easy steps to help you build confidence and chase away your fears. Continue reading “Five Ways to Overcome Fear and Build Confidence”

What’s our Ceiling?

sanibel_island_doc_fordsEach of us has our own idea of success in writing. I’ve found that out the past few weeks in the comments on my past few blog posts for Indies Unlimited. Some are in it for the pleasure; others are in it for the dough. By no means does that represent every reason for pursuing our passion for writing, but I believe that it does provide for the two bookends of our main reasons for what we do. The question is … have we really thought about how far we can take this thing? Continue reading “What’s our Ceiling?”

Do You Deserve a Break Today?

books and computerWe writer types are a fine bunch. We write. We write about writing. We write about what others say about writing. We write about the fact that writing makes us authors … and then we write some more.

Recently, Martin Crosbie wrote about writing words—lot’s of them—every day.

I respect what Martin does and he is certainly a leader amongst our Indies Unlimited family and beyond. His example is inspiring and sets the bar for what us writer types should be doing. Continue reading “Do You Deserve a Break Today?”

The Ultimate Supporter

flameI was thinking about Lynne Cantwell’s post on “Coping with Unsupportive Support” the other day and it made me think about this indie author/self publishing world we live in. We all need those words of encouragement every now and then. That is why sites like Indies Unlimited and other groups in our social media circles are so important.

It made me ask a question to myself. Do supportive groups or individuals help me reach my goal in writing? Maybe not. Before you all blast me with negative comments, hear me out for a second. As Lynne writes, “… a kind or encouraging word … is often enough to keep us plugging away.”

I agree that we all need positive feedback and support. But, that is not why you’re here. Every one of us is here because we’ve achieved some level of success in our writing venture.

“WHAT? Success? But, I haven’t even published my first book,” some of you may scream. Continue reading “The Ultimate Supporter”