Casting the Characters in Your Book

The pretty girl with the tastefully highlighted soft brown curls walked into my office and took a seat opposite my desk.

She was wearing a form-fitting knit dress with a hemline that rose up mercilessly when she crossed her shapely legs.

“Hello Marcy,” I said.

“Hi Boss. I heard you’re writing a sequel to Upgrade,” she said. Continue reading “Casting the Characters in Your Book”

Writer on Vacation: A Guilty Pleasure

Recently my family and I decamped to the Polish coast for a week of quality time before the annual school grind sets back in for another year. I didn’t plan to write anything substantial while there, if for no other reason than the Baltic is at its warmest at this time of year: sometimes the water is as mild as +5 degrees and, if one can dodge the icebergs*, one can have quite a refreshing swim. However, these swims do not promote creativity. Instead, afterwards I indulge in my guiltiest pleasure: taking photos of strangers. Continue reading “Writer on Vacation: A Guilty Pleasure”

Ed’s Casual Friday: The Sims 2, My Writer’s Kryptonite

Ed's SimWe’ve all got it. A particular something that from time to time saps our diligence and determination away, so that it’s Thursday when we get back to the chapter we meant to finish last weekend. Or, for that matter, get back to that blog post. Ahem. Whatever that thing you put your writing aside to do, that’s your Writer’s Kryptonite.

Not all Kryptonites are created equal, of course. Some are all for the good, like say spending quality time with family and friends. Others, like spreading coke-fueled mayhem on the streets of Las Vegas, less so. (By which I of course mean “Coca Cola” and “Las Vegas, New Mexico.” Nice little town.) Mine, however does precious little for me. Continue reading “Ed’s Casual Friday: The Sims 2, My Writer’s Kryptonite”