Book Brief: The Witch of Leper Cove

The Witch of Leper CoveThe Witch of Leper Cove
by Deborah Bogen
Genre of the Book: YA Historical Novel, Medieval
Length: 353 pages

Early in the 13th century Pope Honorius launched the Holy Inquisition sending his Hounds of Gods, into Christendom to root out heresy.

In the English village of Aldinoch, sixteen-year-old Lily and her younger twin brothers have finally accepted their parents’ disappearance and are adjusting to new lives. Separated from each other and their childhood home, grappling with grief, fear, loneliness and guilt, each is sure nothing more can threaten them.

Lily is apprenticed to the local healer, Alice, who takes care of Aldinoch’s sick and gives aid to the colony of lepers living downstream from the village. Her knowledge of the local herbs and illness is the only thing standing between Aldinoch’s villagers and the fevers and agues afflicting them.

But when the Church is infected with worldly ambition not even such a force for good is safe. Bishop Hugo, one of the Pope’s Inquisitors, is called to the nearby town of Guildford to hold hearings and investigate heresy. When Alice is officially accused of witchcraft and imprisoned in Guildford’s ancient dungeon the siblings are forced into action.

In The Witch of Leper Cove we meet not the knights and ladies who so often populate historical novels, but common people caught in the cross-fire of the ruthless and striving. Lily and her brothers are forced to take on a monolithic institution and the powerful men within it. What they discover about the Church and themselves will change them forever.

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Sneak Peek: Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Today we have a sneak peek of the children’s book by Amelia E. Curzon: Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor is a colourful tale of the indigenous animals of the woodland, rainforest and jungle battling to save their environment from grasping intruders bent on stripping it of all its natural resources.

Mungai, the protagonist, is a plausible and inventive creature with a penchant for easy living; on his travels he meets, and finds a soul mate in, Goa – a lisping, greedy, self-serving Boa Constrictor. Having explained to her “the usefulness of the lesser species”, and his highly profitable master plan, Goa agrees to go with him in search of innocents to implement his scheme.

This book is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Here is a sneak peek from Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

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Book Brief: Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor
by Amelia E Curzon
Genre: Children’s Literature
Word count: 37,489

Mungai, a jungle creature of indeterminate origin, happily ambles through life dreaming up scandalous get-rich-quick schemes. On his travels he encounters Goa, an equally ruthless and selfish boa constrictor. Having explained to her “the usefulness of the lesser species” and his latest highly profitable plan, Mungai tempts Goa into joining him in his search for as many unsuspecting creatures as they can muster.

Very soon they meet and befriend some innocent animals of the woodland, including Bodger an amiable and easily led badger. With much flattery and tale spinning, Mungai manages to coax Bodger and his friends into joining forces with him and Goa in his latest ill-founded chicanery. So convinced are the little animals by Mungai‘s anecdotes of wealth and happiness, the gullible companions persuade multitudes of other species from the animal kingdom to come along as well.

But, before too long, the animals become suspicious. They also discover Mungai and Goa are in league with the two-legs they despise and fear so much. Dissatisfaction burgeons and rebellion becomes imminent. But, by the time Mungai finds out that those he shamelessly inveigled into his plans are not as naive as he first thought; the animals have organised and the tables have turned.

With so many kinds of animals involved, each with their own specific set of skills, and all working together, Mungai and Goa find their slothful world turned upside down, and realise they may be about to lose everything they have worked so little for.

This book is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK. Paperback available from CreateSpace.

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Happy Trails, Mr. Pish

This week marks the passing of Mr. Pish; the intrepid traveling terrier of children’s literature, mascot of Indies Unlimited, and cherished companion of award-winning author and photographer K.S. Brooks.

In his travels, he visited 41 States, the District of Columbia, and  seven provinces of Canada. He swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as well as 3 of the Great Lakes, and The Mississippi and St. Laurence Rivers.

In 2011, Mr. Pish was selected by Fido Friendly Magazine as One of the “Top 50 in the World of Dogs.”

He was a champion of outdoor learning and literacy, with six titles to his credit, and more to come. His books are being used in schools in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Mr. Pish was also the only canine candidate for President in 2012, and the only one endorsed by Indies Unlimited.

For such a small dog, he cast a long shadow and touched many lives. He leaves a great legacy. We encourage you to check out Mr. Pish’s books and to buy one for a child you know to share in the tradition of outdoor learning and literacy.