Happy Trails, Mr. Pish

This week marks the passing of Mr. Pish; the intrepid traveling terrier of children’s literature, mascot of Indies Unlimited, and cherished companion of award-winning author and photographer K.S. Brooks.

In his travels, he visited 41 States, the District of Columbia, and  seven provinces of Canada. He swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as well as 3 of the Great Lakes, and The Mississippi and St. Laurence Rivers.

In 2011, Mr. Pish was selected by Fido Friendly Magazine as One of the “Top 50 in the World of Dogs.”

He was a champion of outdoor learning and literacy, with six titles to his credit, and more to come. His books are being used in schools in the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Mr. Pish was also the only canine candidate for President in 2012, and the only one endorsed by Indies Unlimited.

For such a small dog, he cast a long shadow and touched many lives. He leaves a great legacy. We encourage you to check out Mr. Pish’s books and to buy one for a child you know to share in the tradition of outdoor learning and literacy.

Author: Stephen Hise

Stephen Hise is the Evil Mastermind and founder of Indies Unlimited. Hise is an independent author and an avid supporter of the indie author movement. Learn more about Stephen at his website or his Amazon author page.

14 thoughts on “Happy Trails, Mr. Pish”

  1. So very sad to hear that Mr Pish won’t make any more trips and spread his love to everyone; he was a cute guy; all my sympathy and God bless!

  2. A giant personality in a little furry coat, he’ll be remembered long after most of us are forgotten. Happy trails indeed, Mr Pish.

  3. It’s always sad to lose a loyal friend and I understand the empty feeling you have as our family lost a Terry-poo named Snoopy. I buried him under a rock in the mountains he loved to roam, 50 miles west of Denver. Your 16 year old left a legacy that you have shared in his pictures (like the one above).

  4. Awwwwww….poor little guy. I will miss his adventures and will be looking for the sequel. So sorry for your loss, he will be long remembered by everyone! Take care. Pat

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