Don’t Be That Author: How to Handle Genuine Feedback on Your Manuscript

author feedback board-3699978_1920 courtesy of pixabayThere comes a time in every writer’s life when they must get feedback on the work that they have poured their soul into. And while writers often ask for feedback on the tome they’ve labored over, what they’re really seeking is accolades, not genuine critiques. Continue reading “Don’t Be That Author: How to Handle Genuine Feedback on Your Manuscript”

Consider the Criticism

Photo by Melissa Bowersock
Photo by Melissa Bowersock

Nobody likes getting criticism, at least nobody I know. It’s painful. It’s debilitating. It’s confidence-destroying.

I think it’s pretty normal to want to dismiss criticism out of hand. Bah, what do they know? They haven’t published 10 books. They haven’t been in this business for over 30 years.

The other alternative is to take it all together as a soul-crushing package and think your work is terrible. Who were you kidding? You can’t write. Look at that critique. It’s over. Done with.

Not so fast. There’s a middle road. There’s a demilitarized zone somewhere in the middle where you can walk safely between hubris and defeat. Continue reading “Consider the Criticism”