A voice crying in the wilderness

Pic from picturesforcolouring.com

Starting with a biblical quote attracts attention, and is suitable for a subject about what some people like to term ‘biblical proportions’. What does the term mean, exactly? Well, if you love the numbers game, the Bible is a book you might like. It’s hardly filled with empirical or scientific statistics, since they did not have the United Nations bean counting team in those days, to really crunch the numbers, but it can be entertaining. Like the ten plagues, the seven deadly sins, and did you know the number seven appears 42 times in the books of Daniel and Revelation?

If you really like numbers, a “creative” look at the world’s population is possible through a number of lenses. One is here, posted with a recommendation to read, and a warning: your GSOH is necessary, even when you peruse the colourful graphs. Continue reading “A voice crying in the wilderness”

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