Three Reasons Your Book Might Not Be Selling

bad book salesOne of the most common questions I see in writing groups and author forums is, “Why isn’t my book selling?” There are, of course, any number of answers to that, including, “It’s poorly written,” “It’s poorly formatted,” Your cover is awful,” and “You have to advertise.”

There are also, however, some potential reasons outside of an indie author’s control. Continue reading “Three Reasons Your Book Might Not Be Selling”

But I just want to sell a few books … my experience with PayPal Here and sales tax

Author Jane_SteenGuest Post
by Jane Steen

I never intended to get into the business of selling books directly to the public. Yes, the profit margin’s higher — $2 to $3 more per book than selling online or through a bookstore. But a sale online comes with a hike in my sales rank, and vendors take care of sales taxes and shipping — so why should I bother?

But I started getting invited to local events, accompanied by: “And we’d love it if you could bring books to sell.” Fine, I can do that, I thought. What would I need? A receipt book, some method for keeping records, a means of taking credit card payments, and … oh heck. I’m going to have to charge sales tax. I’m an Illinois resident, and in Illinois, there’s no lower limit under which you’re free to sell merchandise without charging sales tax. You’re required to charge it whether you sell goods as a professional or a hobbyist. Continue reading “But I just want to sell a few books … my experience with PayPal Here and sales tax”

5 Creative Ways to Sell Books

elle-marie-authorGuest Post
by Elle Marie

As authors, we’re often focusing on how to sell books. What about where? For seven years I’ve been trying various ways to sell my books with mostly underwhelming results. In fact, I’ve dubbed myself the Queen of Fails. However, when I thought to focus on WHERE instead of HOW, I started to see some success.

You never know where you might make a sale. Sure, there are your usual bookstore signings and online retailers. But it’s a good idea to keep a stash of hard-copy books ready in case an unexpected opportunity arises. Like these: Continue reading “5 Creative Ways to Sell Books”

Maybe, it’s the book?

why isnt my book selling primate-460871_640With most ventures, if we try to emulate our more successful peers and mirror their efforts we can sometimes duplicate their successes. This can apply to book publishing too. In darker days, as I attempted to climb the corporate ladder, I was told to dress and act as though I was working at the position above me. Working hard and adopting the habits of successful people can help us succeed. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. We can publish our books, utilize the same formatters, cover designers, and editors that bestselling, self-published authors are using. We can advertise our work on sites that have helped authors hit the USA Today bestsellers list. And, we can connect with readers through the same social networks where top authors spend their time. All of these methods can help us climb to the top of the mountain and sell books. There is one caveat though – you have to have written a book that readers want to read. Without that all-important factor you may briefly achieve some success, but it probably won’t last. Continue reading “Maybe, it’s the book?”