Twitterspam, and How Not to Do It

You know how sometimes you click the follow button on somebody’s Twitter profile, and before you know it, you’ve got an e-mail saying they’ve sent you a direct message on Twitter?

You know where the rest of this is going, right? If you click the link in the e-mail, nine times out of ten, the direct message will be a buy-my-book request. Here you are, not knowing this person from Adam and/or Eve (except maybe you ran into them in a like-fest), and already they’re pestering you to buy their book. You have no idea whether their book is: 1) in a genre you like; 2) about a topic you’re interested in; 3) readable. And yet the first thing this other author says to you is, “Hi! Thanks for the follow! Be sure to buy my book!” Continue reading “Twitterspam, and How Not to Do It”