Featured Book: Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Volume II

TAT2Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World (Volume II)
Genre: nonfiction, DIY, instructional
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Written in easy to understand language, Volume II of this series offers over ninety (90) tutorials, tips, and introductions to basics, such as capturing a URL, to how to make an animated GIF. For those who are more comfortable with their online presence, materials range from how to use Pinterest for marketing, to how to build a static website in WordPress, and many others.

The little four track that could…

I’ve been writing and playing music for a long time. Half my life. The stuff I’m the most proud of is parceled up under the name The Flying Black Hats. When I was in my early twenties, my best friend Pat and I lived in the Mission in San Francisco. Neither of us wanted to play live anymore (we are old band mates). But we played and wrote music all the time. That was just what we did on weekends. We’d get some booze and write songs. We were introverted music nerds.

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