Ed’s Casual Friday: Happy B-Day, IU

In lieu of a full-on post today, I just want to say Happy First Birthday (give or take 24 hours) to the Indies Unlimited site which you find yourself looking at this very moment.

The phenomenon known as “Indie” authorship is, when you get down to it, still in its infancy. The possibilities opened up by e-books are a quantum leap from anything that has ever been available to writers before. It has never been anywhere near this easy for someone to get something they have written in front of a huge readership, in a form that is wholly equivalent to what a massive publishing house can produce. Continue reading “Ed’s Casual Friday: Happy B-Day, IU”

Will Technology Drive Readers to Demand More?

It rarely happens, but this year, I had the opportunity to go somewhere nice on vacation. Not only was it somewhere nice, but it was on a river cruise, a “cozy” setting where I had a week to get up close and personal with 140 people, pretty much all of whom had disposable income, at least one variety of electronic reading device, and no shyness about whipping out their TBR lists. Continue reading “Will Technology Drive Readers to Demand More?”