Show Us Your Book Hook (Elevator Pitch)

Yeah. I got it, dude. You wrote a book
about people and things and stuff…

Can you describe the essence of your book in 50 words or less? If you don’t have an elevator pitch for your book, don’t be surprised if people start wandering off behind the little animals when you start to tell them what it’s about. The EM covered writing an elevator pitch for your book. If you haven’t read that article yet, go check it out. We’ll wait.

Today, we’ll try out our elevator pitches. Remember, you get only 50 words to hook your reader by explaining what your book is really about. You may have to leave all the fancy trim work off. Ready to give it a shot? In the comment section below, post only the following information:

  • The title of your book
  • Your 50 word elevator pitch
  • The Amazon link to your book
  • Where will you share the link to this post so others can join in the fun.

Here is one for an example:

A wealthy but homely software designer undergoes a mysterious procedure that makes him attractive to others. With his newly-found good looks, he makes up for years of rejection by indulging in every opportunity. Emotionally unprepared for this bounty – he fails to realize his behavior has consequences beyond anything he imagined.
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We replace  the links with clickable book cover images. Do not attempt to insert an image in comments on your own.

This feature is not restricted to bargain books or freebies. You can put in as many books as you wish, but only one book per comment, please. NO erotica, religious, or political titles.

How to Develop an Elevator Pitch for Your Book

book descriptionWriting your book is isn’t the only part of being a writer, and it may not be the hardest part or the most important.Your unquestionable eloquence aside, it’s precious little good to write a fascinating book if you can’t get anyone interested enough to read the damn thing.

Did anyone ever come up to you and ask, “So, what is your book about?”

In response, you find yourself stumbling and stammering, “Oh. Well, it’s about this guy – it’s set some time in the future, you see. Anyway, he works at a glass-blowing factory in Manchester. He’s poor, you know, but his wife wants a fur coat. So anyway, he decides to raise chinchillas…”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh…” He/she looks over your shoulder and says something like, “Sounds interesting. Hey, there’s no one at the taco bar. Excuse me.” And off they scamper, spending the rest of the evening avoiding you.

What you need for such occasions is an elevator pitch. Continue reading “How to Develop an Elevator Pitch for Your Book”

No Time for Elevator Music

Ever heard of an elevator pitch?

I will honestly admit this has never happened to me: I’m in Hollywood, in some fancy-schmancy place, and the elevator doors open. Inside: J.J. Abrams. My heart stops! I have a super sci-fi novel that will make a fantastic movie. Yes, I know this, but how can you convince a man who can create a blockbuster movie in the blink of an eye?

You step in the elevator; your mouth goes dry. What do you say? The doors shut, trapping you with the man. You watch as the floors click by. Precious time is ticking. It’s all or nothing. You have to say something!! Continue reading “No Time for Elevator Music”