Book Brief: The Dreamt Child

The Dreamt ChildThe Dreamt Child: Book Three of Earth’s Pendulum
by Yvonne Hertzberger
Genre of this Book:Fantasy/Magic Realism
Word count: 92,000

We follow Liannis, seer for the goddess Earth after a winter in semi-trance in a cabin in the woods. The goddess Earth leads Merrist, previously seen only as her devoted hired man, to Liannis to call her back to her duties. Earth, as Liannis still has not heeded the recurring dream of a child, takes Liannis into pre-history, showing how the custom of seers never taking a mate happened. With the evolution of society the duties of Earth’s seers must change once again. Merrist is also given the dream. Upon sharing it with Liannis they find that Earth wishes them to join (marry). The child is their destiny. But the people believe that such a union is forbidden and some oppose it. Among these is one of the candidates for lordship of Catania. Lord Gaelen, of Bargia, current ruler, wishes Catania to become independent again, that he wants to relinquish his control over it. Treason, treachery and violence ensue. Earth gives Merrist the gift of healing. Gaelen also wishes to return Lieth to independence. The people are rebuilding after the great quake that destroyed Lieth City. Lady Nairin, under asylum in Bargia, wishes to set up a regency for her son. Can she be trusted? Will the people of Lieth accept the family back? With Merrist in Catania and Liannis in Lieth the couple find themselves facing many of these challenges alone. Even Earth does not always know what will come. Yet these changes must occur. Otherwise Earth, and the world she protects, are in danger.

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Sneak Peek: The Dreamt Child

The Dreamt ChildToday we have a sneak peek from The Dreamt Child, the epic fantasy by Yvonne Hertzberger.

Liannis, the goddess Earth’s seer, can no longer deny the meaning of her recurring dream. She must join with (marry) Merrist, her devoted hired man, and bear a child – one with great gifts. Earth has decreed it. But the people resist the changes, bringing danger to the pair and strife to the lands. Both Liannis and Merrist must face tests, sometimes without each other, to fulfil their destiny and bring The Dreamt Child forth into safety. They must succeed if they are to initiate the new era of peace and balance so desperately needed.

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Here is an except from The Dreamt Child

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Book Brief: Rys Rising

Rys Rising: Book I
by Tracy Falbe
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Word count: 178,300

A young warrior ruined and near death is saved by Onja a mysterious rys female. Forsaking all that he was, he will take the name Amar and serve his new magical mistress. A lord among outlaws he will become, feared by kings and called the dro-shalum or curse demon by the common folk.

Onja nurtures his growing power among the tribal kingdoms so she can strike against the tabre of Nufal. They are the ancient race of magic users that created the rys with their experimental spells, but they revile their creations. The tabre keep the rys hidden away while they rule over their beautiful realm. The key to Onja’s victory will be if she can win over the rys prodigy Dacian who is loyal to the ruling tabre order. Will he endure more dark abuses for the sake of peace or reach out to Onja and her growing army of allies?

Packed with primitive energy, the intertwining stories of this fantasy world will indulge your cravings for intrigue, bravery, desire, and freedom.

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Book Brief: Hearts in Cups

The Pentacle War: Book One – Hearts in Cups
by Candace Gylgayton
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Word count: 136, 411

Where will the lust for power lead the unscrupulous – or the unwary? Years ago, Brian, heir to the High Throne of the Pentarchy, left home and headed into the Tarrant Mountains on a private, undisclosed mission. He never returned, yet was never declared dead. Power abhors a vacuum and, with no legitimate heir to take the throne, plots are being hatched and civil war is brewing. To prevent the kingdom being torn apart, Hollin, the Duchess of Langstraad, declares that she will go in search of the errant prince. Betrothed by her family to Brian when she was a child, Hollin possesses a ring attuned to the prince which she proposes to use as an arcane compass in order to find him. The regent and council are willing to consent to her plan, but only if Hollin agrees to marry a candidate of their choosing, who will be made king, if her quest should fail. Now, far from home, family or friends, Hollin must rely on her own gifts and abilities as she struggles to track down the one man she believes capable of restoring order to the kingdom. As deeds of valor tangle with those of deceit, it is the many shifting facets of magic, in all its guises, which may soon determine the ultimate fate of the realm. Can one woman prevent the fall of night?

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