How to Write a Fight (or Love) Scene Part 2

writing fight and love scenesAll right. If you’ve read Part 1, you’ve done the foreplay, the participants have gone through the rituals required by their society, and the emotions are high enough to require action. How are you going to write it? What details will you include? Whose point of view will portray the scene the best?
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How to Write a Fight (or Love) Scene

writing fight and love scenesThe first symptom of a poorly written fight scene is: too much violence. Characters flail away at each other in a multitude of fancy ways, the body count rises, the gore gushes, and it all blends together in an emotion-numbing jumble until readers are tempted to skip to the end to find out who wins so we can get back to the story. The writer who doesn’t know what he really wants from the fight covers it up with technical details and mayhem. Watch a Transformer movie if you don’t know what I mean.

And love scenes? Same thing. Lots of graphic description of body parts in motion, but strangely unsatisfying. Watch “Fifty Shades of Vanilla” as one reviewer called it. Love and fight scenes cover two primary human activities: taking life and creating it. Let’s see how to make the best of connecting to the basic (note I didn’t say ‘baser’) instincts of our readers. Continue reading “How to Write a Fight (or Love) Scene”

Bang! Zap! Kapow!—Get the Fight Right!

If you are not knowledgeable in an area you are writing about you owe it to your readers, and yourself, to do the research: consult the experts or risk appearing like an amateur.

When I am reading a book or watching a movie and it reaches a fight scene, or an act of violence: a point at which physical conflict is involved, I tend to zero in on any inaccuracies. From that statement you might conclude that a particular kind of subject matter attracts me; however I would argue that some kind of combative, violent or physical conflict will be found in ninety percent of all the reading and or cinematic fare on offer.

There have been times, whilst totally engrossed in a book or a movie, my disbelief totally suspended, when one unresearched, implausible paragraph or fight scene has ruined the whole experience; and all for the lack of some decent research. Continue reading “Bang! Zap! Kapow!—Get the Fight Right!”