Sneak Peek: Night Undone

Today we have a sneak peek from the character-driven suspense novel by author K. S. Brooks: Night Undone.

Night UndoneFormer Special Agent Kathrin Night is not adjusting to civilian life. More than a year after her career-ending injury, she still can’t get the hang of it. This is wearing thin on her lover, Russian FSB Agent Aleksey Khovechkin, who tricks Kathrin into seeing a psychiatrist specializing in post-military/espionage patients. The therapy doesn’t go exactly as Aleksey hopes, but before he can react, Russia recalls him to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Before his departure, Aleksey reveals his deepest, darkest secret to Kathrin. Had he, in fact, used her to escape his duties in Russia, or was his allegiance to her genuine? Determined to see justice served, Kathrin hatches a scheme to help Aleksey while at the same time reviving her career in espionage. The Vancouver Winter Olympics could be the perfect venue for her plan, but can she pull it off without destroying their relationship, causing an international incident, or getting either of them killed?

Night Undone is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.

And now, an excerpt from Night Undone

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Sneak Peek: Bad Book

Today we have a sneak peek from the bawdy spoof by authors K. S. Brooks, Stephen Hise, and JD Mader: Bad Book.

The name’s Case. Just Case, that’s all. He is a man among men and therefore no first name is needed.

Women want to smack him – men want to smack him, too, just harder. Join Case on his epic travels through multiple literary genres as he ruins horror, space-adventure, noir detective, spy-thriller, westerns, classics of literature, pop culture icons and more with his own unique panache.

Never before has a spoof conquered so much with so little.

Bad Book is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

And now, an excerpt from Bad Book

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Sneak Peek: Silks and Sand

Today we have a sneak peek from the contemporary romance novel by K. Rowe, Silks and Sand.

Racing horses and racing hearts; it’s all part of the Stoddard dynasty. Evan Stoddard inherited an ages-old farm in the heart of Kentucky horse country. He’s a winner in many respects: winning with horses, winning with love, and a winning smile. And he’s won a beautiful wife: Suzanne. But his winning ways will be upturned with the arrival of a new horse, War Monger; and a female jockey, who sends every man on the farm into a tailspin, and sends his marriage into a downward spiral.

Silks and Sand is available through, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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Sneak Peek: Walks on the Margins

Today we have a sneak peek from the memoir by Kathy Brandt and Max Maddox, Walks on the Margins.

In Walks on the Margins, mother and son weave two narratives into a single powerful story of what it means to suffer from mental illness. Max takes readers into the abyss of mania, psychosis, and depression as Kathy narrates her struggle to help her son in a world beset by institutional failure. Each day they confront the unknowns of their lives as they maneuver a twisted path to recovery. A finalist for the Iowa Review Award in Nonfiction, Walks on the Margins is a fiercely candid story about the emotional turmoil and confusion of those who struggle with bipolar disorder.

Walks on the Margins is available through and Amazon UK.

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