Sneak Peek: Night Undone

Today we have a sneak peek from the character-driven suspense novel by author K. S. Brooks: Night Undone.

Night UndoneFormer Special Agent Kathrin Night is not adjusting to civilian life. More than a year after her career-ending injury, she still can’t get the hang of it. This is wearing thin on her lover, Russian FSB Agent Aleksey Khovechkin, who tricks Kathrin into seeing a psychiatrist specializing in post-military/espionage patients. The therapy doesn’t go exactly as Aleksey hopes, but before he can react, Russia recalls him to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Before his departure, Aleksey reveals his deepest, darkest secret to Kathrin. Had he, in fact, used her to escape his duties in Russia, or was his allegiance to her genuine? Determined to see justice served, Kathrin hatches a scheme to help Aleksey while at the same time reviving her career in espionage. The Vancouver Winter Olympics could be the perfect venue for her plan, but can she pull it off without destroying their relationship, causing an international incident, or getting either of them killed?

Night Undone is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.

And now, an excerpt from Night Undone

From Chapter 3

Kathrin found it odd that all these people were on the dance floor, yet still managing to chat. Some seemed to be conversing more than dancing. No matter, the mood was jovial, with lots of laughter and hooting co-mingled with the chatter.

The only person who seemed out of place was the one college dweeb, wearing an argyle sweater vest, baggy jeans, and a fitted baseball cap backwards on his head with wings and curls of his tawny hair fluffing out from beneath it. He gazed around like he was confused as to how he’d gotten there. Otherwise, everyone was moving in a disorganized bob with the music. And this music…how did Aleksey even know these songs when she didn’t? Did they play this crap in Russia?

A new song came on, sending hoots and shouts across the floor. Kathrin had no idea what it was, or who recorded it. All she knew was the squeaky female voice bordered on baby talk with a New Jersey accent. Like lemmings, everyone put their arms up when the singer said “put your hands in the air,” or whatever it was she sang. Did people really listen to this…on purpose?

It was getting warm under her leather jacket. There was no coat room. Not that it mattered; she didn’t believe in leaving anything of hers unattended – ever. So, she continued wearing her coat, and sweat from her back now caused her shimmering shirt to stick to her. Just lovely.

When That’s the Way Loves Goes by Janet Jackson started playing, Kathrin was relieved, not only because she recognized the tune, but also because a good number of dancers stepped off the floor. More room on the floor meant more air for Kathrin, but slow dancing meant more of Aleksey glued to her. His big body nearly swallowed her in an embrace as he moved to the suggestive tune. He pulled back for a moment, a seductive smile on his face, to slide his hands under her jacket, against the silk blouse. Then he changed his mind, pausing to run his fingers along the neckline of her shirt, into her enticing cleavage. He stopped short just below her breasts when he felt something hard. He stopped dancing. Aleksey shook his head in a double-take, then grappled with his hand to confirm what he suspected would be the shape of a gun.

“What the hell is that?!” he yelled.

“My Baby Browning,” Kathrin answered matter-of-factly.

“You are kidding me?”

She hunched. “No. I always carry it.”

Aleksey’s eyes narrowed. “Is that it?”

Kathrin sensed what he was getting at but decided to play dumb. “Is what it?”

“What else are you carrying?”

The other couples continued dancing around them. “Just my Sig.”

“Just?! Where?”

“Ankle.” She couldn’t understand why he was angry. What could possibly be more natural for an operative than to carry protection? “What’s the problem? Aren’t you carrying?”

“Nyet. No reason to. I’m on a date. With someone I thought I could trust.” And with that, he marched past her and out of the club.

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