Draft2Digital’s Reading List Carousel: A Tutorial

Draft2Digital LogoYou may have recently received an email from Draft2Digital telling you that they’ve added a new marketing tool for authors. I’m always curious to try new marketing tools, so I decided to take a look.

I initially had a hard time finding where to go but, after a few tries, discovered that once signed in, you need to go to My Account and select Universal Book Links (see screenshot below). Continue reading “Draft2Digital’s Reading List Carousel: A Tutorial”

Announcing the Author Marketing and Book Promotion Resource Page

Marketing 101 for authorsIf you’re a regular reader of Indies Unlimited, you know how much we love indie authors. We’re committed to helping writers of all stripes get their work down on paper, get it published, and get it out there in front of readers everywhere. What’s arguably the most often asked question we get from writers?

I’ve just published my first book, but I don’t know anything about marketing. Help!

IU to the rescue.  Continue reading “Announcing the Author Marketing and Book Promotion Resource Page”

Marketing with Freado and BookBuzzr

BookBuzzr LogoThere’s no shortage of websites and services purporting to assist self-published authors with gaining exposure and increasing sales, but as an extremely frugal self-published author, I prefer the ones that give me the most bang for my buck. Free with a bang is even better.

Freado.com and BookBuzzr.com are websites owned by BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and I think of them as two sides of the same coin. According to the Freado.com FAQs page, “Freado is a website where you can win prizes while discovering interesting books. We also conduct occasional online festivals, fairs and carnivals around themes (such as Hunger Games, Summer Romance or Halloween).” Continue reading “Marketing with Freado and BookBuzzr”