Getting it Right: Dying (part 1 of 3)

Author Carolyn Steele

by Carolyn Steele

So, your character has to die. You want to get it right but, short of hanging around mortuaries and hoping the smell doesn’t put you off your lunch, death isn’t that easy to research. Watching old episode of House will just lead you into the traps that have medical types throwing their stethoscopes at the TV screen, so here is a short series of tips and pointers for getting fatality right. Continue reading “Getting it Right: Dying (part 1 of 3)”

Getting it Right

Did you ever see a beautiful painting of a ship with white sails billowing, the prow slicing through the waves, colorful banners fluttering behind? I’ve seen some beautiful paintings like that. Of course, those paintings are absurdly wrong, and that irritates me. A sailing ship is wind-driven. That means the banners and flags are blown in the same general direction the ship is moving and the sails are billowing—not streaming along behind the ship. A wind-driven vessel can not move faster than the wind. A painting like this, however well otherwise done, shows the painter does not know his subject. Continue reading “Getting it Right”