Pro Writing Aid Revisited – the Beta Program

ProWritingAid_-_Writing_Improvement_&_Editing_Software_-_2015-09-08_09.06.51Recently I tried to edit something I had written, only to find that Pro Writing Aid wasn’t working. I could load the document, but it wouldn’t perform the “Analyze” function. This has happened for short periods before, and I assumed it was a marketing trick – a nudge to get going and buy the real version. But this time it went on for several days. What was happening? Continue reading “Pro Writing Aid Revisited – the Beta Program”

Using ProWritingAid to Become a Better Writer

ProWritingAid_-_Writing_Improvement_&_Editing_Software_-_2015-09-08_09.06.51In this snippet of overheard conversation, the Mentor runs the Student Writer through the process of using ProWritingAid, one of many editing software programs available on the market. As with all these programs, the Student Writer finds the process tedious and repetitive, but the Mentor draws his attention to how much his writing will be improved by the end of the process. Let’s listen as the Mentor starts off…

…okay. You’re going to try ProWritingAid. Let’s upload the first chapter of the Great Canadian Novel and see what the computer has to say about it. Continue reading “Using ProWritingAid to Become a Better Writer”

Online Editing Tools: Can They Fix Your Grammarly?

Since half of writing is editing, there is a definite appeal to the idea of online tools that can help with the process. But no matter how good a computer algorithm is, it cannot write a novel. Call me master of the obvious, but based on anecdotes I have heard recently, the obvious needed to be stated. Apparently, some folks expect the sophistication of an online program to be on par with Jeopardy!’s Watson so they can sit back and drink margaritas while the program automatically fixes everything that doesn’t conform to the Chicago Manual of Style–and all for the low, low price of $29.95. Continue reading “Online Editing Tools: Can They Fix Your Grammarly?”