The New Graph Search on Facebook

Photo Source: Facebook

You might have noticed a new search function on Facebook in the past few weeks. We tipped you off to this new Graph Search feature back in January and now it’s available to the masses.

Facebook’s success is what made this change necessary. Since the beginning of Facebook, everything has been about friends. People have so many friends that nothing makes sense unless you live on the site. That’s what they are attempting to fix with Graph Search. Continue reading “The New Graph Search on Facebook”

Facebook’s Big Announcement? Social Search is Here … Sort of

Sample Graph Search

Well here we are, a few days since the big Facebook announcement. Has your life changed yet? Yeah, just what I thought.

We talked about Social Media and Search last week and you can find that story here. Facebook sorta did what I was talking about, but the market and the social world were a little underwhelmed by the announcement. Shares of Facebook took a hit after the announcement and as for the social world, well, you’re not quite invited, yet.

Facebook did announce a new search tool, Graph Search, that CEO Zuckerberg described as the third pillar alongside Timeline and News Feed. Continue reading “Facebook’s Big Announcement? Social Search is Here … Sort of”