Facebook’s Big Announcement? Social Search is Here … Sort of

Sample Graph Search

Well here we are, a few days since the big Facebook announcement. Has your life changed yet? Yeah, just what I thought.

We talked about Social Media and Search last week and you can find that story here. Facebook sorta did what I was talking about, but the market and the social world were a little underwhelmed by the announcement. Shares of Facebook took a hit after the announcement and as for the social world, well, you’re not quite invited, yet.

Facebook did announce a new search tool, Graph Search, that CEO Zuckerberg described as the third pillar alongside Timeline and News Feed. Continue reading “Facebook’s Big Announcement? Social Search is Here … Sort of”

Social Media and Search – Do They Go Together?

Things are evolving in the world of search. It used to be that if you picked a couple of key words and put the proper SEO terms in your post you would be set. Well, things are a-changin’.

Continue reading “Social Media and Search – Do They Go Together?”

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