Hastings and Your Print Books

Author Jacqueline Hopkins

Hastings is a chain of brick and mortar book and entertainment  stores. I have found a way to get my paperback books onto the shelves of my local Hastings store.

If you live in an area where there is a Hastings bookstore (scroll down to the bottom of the website and type in a zip code to find a store near you), you are in luck in getting your print book on their bookshelves. By now you are probably asking how this can be done. Well grab your favorite cuppa java (or what have you), sit in your favorite comfy chair in front of your computer and I will tell you.

I walked into my local Hastings store in Lewiston, Idaho, with six of my paperback books and matching bookmarkers, to see if they would sell them. My philosophy has always been that it never hurts to ask—all anyone can say is yes, no, maybe, heck no, you’ve got to be kidding me or @#% no. Continue reading “Hastings and Your Print Books”