He reclined on his couch, sore and tired, eyes drawn to the soft undulations of the tree beside the window. His mind was cobwebbed and dusty. His bed was calling him. But he had a blog post to write. He could feel it flitting behind his memories…hiding in the shadow of his regrets and triumphs.

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Inspiration? Phooey.

Author K.S. Brooks at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Author K.S. Brooks at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

As an author, one of the questions I’m asked quite often is: “where does your inspiration come from?” Frankly, I find that perplexing, even more so when it comes from another writer. I was speaking with a talented graphic artist the other day. She asked me, “don’t you hate it when people want to know where your inspiration comes from? That’s so ridiculous. It would be more appropriate to ask where doesn’t your inspiration come from?”

I’d always dismissed the question: scoffed at it, then indignantly deleted it whenever I saw it come up in writers’ discussion group emails. It wasn’t until this graphic artist rephrased the question to me that I realized that it’s not about being a writer – it’s about being creative. Continue reading “Inspiration? Phooey.”