Writing Resolutions for 2015? A Good Idea?

something motivational - a writer's new year's resolutionWould now be a good time to ask you about New Year’s Resolutions for your writing? I’ve never tried it you see, but this year I’m giving it a go.

By the time you read this the turkey will be a distant memory. Unless, of course, like me you make a massive pot of stock with the bones, put it in the garage for lack of space because the fridge is full of leftover yummies, and then find it in the Spring. Continue reading “Writing Resolutions for 2015? A Good Idea?”

Getting Inspired by… Ray Bradbury

i sing the body electric by ray bradburyFinding something that inspires you to write can be easy or difficult. It can come screaming out of left field like a foul ball, or worse, hit you at the most awkward of times like driving the car. My inspiration tends to pick awful times to invade my brain. It’s usually in the middle of the night. Yes, I’m sure you’re nodding in agreement. We’ve all lost a lot of sleep in this profession.

I admit, I don’t read enough. And I know I should. Shame on me! I’ve always been afraid that if I read, that somehow I’d subconsciously copy the author. Maybe not exactly, but paraphrase someone out there. This is probably a silly fear. Writers are supposed to be inspired by the works of others. But my fear has persisted, and I knew I needed to conquer it. Continue reading “Getting Inspired by… Ray Bradbury”

Get Off Your Duff! 8 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Motivation

Donna FasanoEven the King of Just-Do-It, Tony Robbins, must have days where he feels unmotivated. It’s only natural to find yourself in a slump, every now and then — suffering through days where you just don’t feel like doing anything productive. If you find yourself feeling this way, take heart. You’re not alone. I’ve felt the same way. I have found that, if I allow one day to pass where I don’t write, it easily turns into two, and then three. But I have found a few ways to kick-start my motivation. I hope these suggestions help you get off your duff and get moving in the right direction. Continue reading “Get Off Your Duff! 8 Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Motivation”

Fairy Tales Do Come True

My prized set of “My Book House”

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” —   Graham Greene

My daughter doesn’t live at home anymore, so I have been in the process of converting her bedroom into an office. This has been a major undertaking, (girls have a lot of stuff), but a necessary one. It is impossible to write coherently in an open and shared space where the cone of silence cannot descend. As I write this weekly post, it is pouring rain outside my window, soaking everything in sight, including the wild turkey pecking at the sodden grass. It reminded me that when I was a child, these were the days I loved to read.

What can a writer keep in their workspace that inspires them? In my case I couldn’t bring anything INTO the room until I removed eighteen years of accumulation. After the cleanout was nearly complete, I decided to move something very precious into my new private space, something that means the world to me. My collection of “My Book House” now sits in pride of place, serving as a daily reminder of the first important discoveries in the journey of this writer. It is, I sometimes think, why I am who I am. Continue reading “Fairy Tales Do Come True”

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