Indie Authors – Which One Do You Select?

kdp select or go wide signs-1172209_960_720If you are a first time author, chances are good that the first place you will go to upload your masterpiece is Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. It is the largest seller of eBooks worldwide, after all, so that’s an easy call. Once there, one of the first choices you will have to make is whether or not to enroll your book into KDP Select.

Here’s the basic breakdown. Continue reading “Indie Authors – Which One Do You Select?”

To Select or Not to Select?

KDP Select logoBack in the good old days, before Amazon started tweaking their sales algorithms, an indie author would have been crazy not to enroll a book in KDP Select. You could put your book free for a few days, give away thousands of copies, and get a lovely bounce in paid sales when the promotion was over. Some indies made their careers from that bounce.

Of course, even in the heyday of Select, curmudgeons muttered darkly about Amazon being an evil corporation that would turn on indies when we least expected it, and so we shouldn’t be putting all our eggs in one basket, and so on. And some authors had books that sold pretty well at B&N and Kobo (although perhaps not as well as on Amazon). For these folks, Select might have been a temptation, but not enough of one to entice them into publishing with Amazon exclusively. Continue reading “To Select or Not to Select?”

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