NewsBites: Snarkalicious

NewsBitesGreetings, cybercitizens and all ships at sea. Gather ’round your computational devices. It is time once again for NewsBites, your leading source for stuff other people have already reported about.

With all the things going on, something is bound to happen. When it does, we’ll be there to tell you what someone said about it.

Chances are, it may be something of interest to YOU. If not, it may still be on the test, so keep reading… Continue reading “NewsBites: Snarkalicious”

Why Not?

Photo credit: Jim DevittSeriously, why not?

“Why not what?” you say?

Why not be the best. So many people go through life just getting by. You have a say in this, you know.

Sure, it takes a little work … and time … and passion … and tears. I look at the shelves that surround me as I type this and see tons of “A List” author names and New York Times bestsellers. Continue reading “Why Not?”

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