Amazon: Love it, hate it; you just can’t ignore it

IndieNewsBeatwithCJWhile for most columns I try to steer clear of the mighty Amazon, sometimes it’s simply not possible, because these guys are just everywhere.

Over the last couple of weeks, Amazon has announced a surge in turnover. From making a paltry $16.1 billion in the first quarter of 2013, in the same period this year its turnover has increased to a slightly-less-paltry $19.7 billion. In addition, in the same quarter it expanded its workforce by 7,000 new employees, bringing its total global workforce to 124,000. Continue reading “Amazon: Love it, hate it; you just can’t ignore it”

Newsbites: Men Don’t Read

NewsBitesGreetings from the IU news desk in the prestigious but entirely fictional BlackBox Tower Complex. It’s our job to track down the news, grab it by the ankles, and hold it upside down until the truth drops out of its pockets.

It’s a dangerous job that takes our staff to far-flung corners of the internet. Our crack team of reporters wade through a digital jungle of pop-up ads and 404 errors to get to the bottom of whatever it is that got their undies in a bunch in the first place.

Remember, NewsBites is the official news snack of the junior auxiliary astronaut team, whose proud motto is: We may not have been in space, but we are willing to go. Continue reading “Newsbites: Men Don’t Read”

NewsBites: Snarkalicious

NewsBitesGreetings, cybercitizens and all ships at sea. Gather ’round your computational devices. It is time once again for NewsBites, your leading source for stuff other people have already reported about.

With all the things going on, something is bound to happen. When it does, we’ll be there to tell you what someone said about it.

Chances are, it may be something of interest to YOU. If not, it may still be on the test, so keep reading… Continue reading “NewsBites: Snarkalicious”