And I Did it All in My Pajamas

The stereotypical story of a fledgling or wannabe author from ten or more years ago had several consistent elements. Besides the countless queries, submissions, and rejections virtually all of them experienced, many would mention attending writing conferences. It was a great way to network, socialize, and learn from those more experienced on issues of importance to writers, both writing craft and other skills to help them succeed. But these conferences were also money pits. The cost of plane tickets, restaurant meals, and hotel rooms add up fast. There ought to be a better way.

Several weeks ago I was approached by an IU reader (thanks Tasha) who was looking for people willing to act as moderators for WanaCon, an online writing conference put on by WANA International, Kristen Lamb’s organization with which many of you are probably familiar. The quid pro quo was free “admittance” to the conference. Continue reading “And I Did it All in My Pajamas”

Indie News Beat: Now With Extra Snark!

Greetings from the Indies Unlimited Broadcasting Plaza. Our satellites scour the cyberverse for news, views, and crap you can use.

Chris James is still on sabbatical, promoting his new book. So, get out there and buy some copies so I can put him back on the job.

In protest of his absence, I am now in the third hour of my six hour hunger strike. This is grueling, people! It’s hard not to just post links about bacon. Is that what you want? IS IT??? (ahem) Sorry, I get cranky when I’m hungry. Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Now With Extra Snark!”