Indie News Beat: Now With Extra Snark!

Greetings from the Indies Unlimited Broadcasting Plaza. Our satellites scour the cyberverse for news, views, and crap you can use.

Chris James is still on sabbatical, promoting his new book. So, get out there and buy some copies so I can put him back on the job.

In protest of his absence, I am now in the third hour of my six hour hunger strike. This is grueling, people! It’s hard not to just post links about bacon. Is that what you want? IS IT??? (ahem) Sorry, I get cranky when I’m hungry. Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Now With Extra Snark!”

LynneQuisition: Passive Guy

Everybody’s got their own go-to list of blogs, but one that seems to turn up on just about every indie author’s list is The Passive Voice. Passive Guy (the nom de plume for a lawyer named David Vandagriff) blogs about this and that, but mostly about writing and the publishing business, and it’s always entertaining. I asked him to step out from behind the curtain and answer a few questions (muahaha…). Continue reading “LynneQuisition: Passive Guy”

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