An Introduction to BookRix

Guest post
by L. Avery Brown

I’m new to IU and have enjoyed reading essays on topics that deal directly with issues IA folks like myself deal with on a daily basis. I also love ‘Freebie Fridays’. It’s an awesome, no strings attached way for IAs to get some much needed exposure.

So a few Fridays ago I decided to put one of my freebies on IU hoping I could get a few more eyes to look at it and maybe even get some feedback. So, I sent my information in and waited for a reply letting me know my freebie link would be available for IU members. Unfortunately, I got a message back from Stephen saying IU wouldn’t be able to post my freebie because the ‘home’ site ( – BR) for my book wasn’t one with which they were familiar. Continue reading “An Introduction to BookRix”

Book Blogger Spotlight: The Magnolia Blossom Review

L. Avery BrownL. Avery Brown has an awesome book blog called The Magnolia Blossom Review. She is a former secondary level educator with over a dozen years devoted to the fields of history, special education, and curriculum development. Since 2007 she’s been a devoted writer, something she’s loved to do for as long as she can remember.

She says, “Professionally speaking, when I’m not busy working on my own writing projects, I am a freelance editor, publishing consultant, and digital media promotions consultant. I also pride myself on being a solid reviewer of books! I am about as Southern as Southern can get which is why I started my first blog, When a Southern Woman Rambles. That blog actually helped me set the back drop for a series of books with the same name.”

Ms. Brown does a little of everything. She has published five titles of her own. She also created where she offers editing services, publishing consultation, and digital media promotion. Continue reading “Book Blogger Spotlight: The Magnolia Blossom Review”