Indies Unlimited Writers up for Awards

The Indies Unlimited authors are killin’ it. Laurie Boris is a finalist in the Festival of Words competition in the literary fiction category for her novel Drawing Breath. DV Berkom, Carol Wyer, and Laurie Boris are all semifinalists in the Kindle Book Review 2013 Book Awards.

Not to be outdone, Entertainment Weekly has published its top 100 novels of all time. Frankly, there were some names on the list that I didn’t even know. As I perused the list, I was stunned to find that my novel, The Card, was sitting in the #13 spot! Who would have known?

Okay, we can dream. But that’s the point, we can dream. In fact, if you’re not, you might as well stop writing today. It can’t hurt to plaster a couple of things in your writing space that tells what the future can be. I wrote about that a while ago, you can find that here. You may not believe it, but manifestation boards do work. Here’s mine:

I need to do a new one because lots of the things on there came true. Try it, even without believing in it; stick it up on your wall and see how many things you accomplish in a year.

Getting What You Want

Have you ever done something that seemed silly but you really hoped it worked?

I have, and I’m here to tell you all about it. It’s a little embarrassing— admitting that I actually did this and believed in it.

The month before I published my debut novel, The Card, I created a manifestation board. You know, one of those collage type of things that have a bunch of pictures of what you want to accomplish or acquire. You’ve probably heard about them in books or movies like The Secret.

Well, I did it. I cut out a bunch of pictures and words that related to life and my new writing career. The picture is proof. Continue reading “Getting What You Want”