Indie News Beat: Miami Dice

Sometimes you come across a press article which is written in such a way that it makes you wonder where the journalist has been living for the last five years. Then, a moment later, the thought hits you that maybe not everyone in the rest of the world is a self-publishing author like you (although it usually feels like everyone is).

We’re off to The Miami Herald this week, for one of those stories that starts as though it was written in 2007. However, get past the headline and first couple of paragraphs, and an interesting and sobering story emerges of self-publishing successes – and the potential for failure. Continue reading “Indie News Beat: Miami Dice”

Young Readers Give us Hope

They came by the hundreds—some waiting for over three hours in line. As I walked along the sidewalk to the locked gate, the signs of waiting were everywhere. Most had relinquished standing in line to sitting on the dirty sidewalks in downtown Miami. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day, so the heat wasn’t much of a factor in this concrete jungle.

 The seven hundred plus faithful followers of Christopher Paolini’s epic series, The Inheritance Cycle, queued, anxiously awaiting the chance to hear the New York Times bestselling author speak about his series. This was his first appearance at the Miami Book Fair International.