Slow and steady?

For the last four or five days, I have been sick. Really sick. Barely able to breathe sick. The kind of sick where coughing can result in vomiting, passing out, or a mental state very, very close to doing a whippet. I’m quite sure I killed a few brain cells. No matter. They weren’t doing me much good anyway. What I want to share with you is an ongoing epiphany I had last night when I was awake and spinning off too much ephedrine. It is this: ‘don’t quit while you’re ahead’. Not very profound. Bear with me.

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You write for WHAT now?

I will never understand people who write for a living but don’t like it. And there are such people. It’s not like we’re rich. Hell, that would be like me deciding my calling was cleaning out portajohns. Writing is hard, it takes a long time, and you rarely get the adulation or money you deserve.

I was talking to one of these people recently. I asked him how he came to be bat-shit crazy. He mumbled something about a “son of a bitchin’ press release” and haroomphed a big loogey. That was my cue to leave.

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Can I buy some milk with this smiley emoticon?

I’m feeling a little bit bitter today.  It’s not a feeling I enjoy, so I’m gonna write it out.  Here’s my issue.  We’re getting hosed.  I have literally smeared the internet with words – and 90% of them do nothing for me monetarily.  I have one novel on Amazon: Joe Café. I have gotten 25 reviews and the book is rated at 4.5 stars.  Cool.  I got a review a while back that started “Well written & compelling.”  Good, right?  Then it said the ending was abrupt and that it was “worth it” as a .99 cent book, but the reviewer saw that the price had been raised to $4.99 and it was not worth that much.

Bad reviews come, and I have enough good reviews that the fact that some random guy thinks my book ends abruptly (a conscious choice) doesn’t bum me out much.  What gets to me is the economics.  I am not a greedy person.  But here is what pisses me off.  If you thought the book was “Well written & compelling,” then it was worth $4.99.  Do you know how much a sandwich costs?

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