Video Trailer: Out of Mischief

OUT OF MISCHIEF by Gordon A. LongThrown into a nasty rebellion by a schoolgirl prank gone wrong, Aleria faces rape, murder, and worse. She is shielded by an Army spy who has infiltrated the band of thugs that captured her. But after a while she begins to wonder if he isn’t getting too enthusiastic about their violent charade, and her terror mounts.

Rescue comes, but her ordeal isn’t over. To survive, Aleria must make a decision that will change the course of her life.

Out of Mischief, the new adult alternate reality novel by Gordon A. Long, is available from, Amazon UK, and most online retailers.

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Young Adult vs. New Adult – What’s the real difference?

young adult or new adult on blackboardAll these categories: Young Adult, New Adult, Adult… it can get confusing. Some may have graphic sex, some don’t, some shouldn’t. They all target different age groups. How can someone tell the difference?

Because of all the confusion, there have been many articles written about this and there’s even a Wiki page explaining what the New Adult genre actually is. Since I’ve written in both genres, I’m going to give you my own take on what I think YA vs. NA really means. Continue reading “Young Adult vs. New Adult – What’s the real difference?”

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