Featured Authors: Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk

David and Neil Yuzuk

Neil L. Yuzuk, born in Brooklyn, NY worked as a sales rep before returning to college at age 40. After Graduation, he worked as a NYC Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor.

After Neil retired in 2009, his full-time police officer and part-time actor son David said, “Hey Pops, why don’t you write a screenplay for me?“ and he did, “The Devil’s Troll.”

“I’d never written a screenplay before,” said Neil, “but I did a lot of research, came up with a big backstory, and the hunt for a serial killer was written. The characters felt as if I’d known them all my life. It was a great writing experience.”

When David had an idea for an original screenplay, a redemption story—“Schindler’s List,” with cops. They wrote, “The Reluctant Knight.” Continue reading “Featured Authors: Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk”