Featured Authors: Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk

David and Neil Yuzuk

Neil L. Yuzuk, born in Brooklyn, NY worked as a sales rep before returning to college at age 40. After Graduation, he worked as a NYC Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor.

After Neil retired in 2009, his full-time police officer and part-time actor son David said, “Hey Pops, why don’t you write a screenplay for me?“ and he did, “The Devil’s Troll.”

“I’d never written a screenplay before,” said Neil, “but I did a lot of research, came up with a big backstory, and the hunt for a serial killer was written. The characters felt as if I’d known them all my life. It was a great writing experience.”

When David had an idea for an original screenplay, a redemption story—“Schindler’s List,” with cops. They wrote, “The Reluctant Knight.”

After taking a four day writing seminar with Robert McKee, Neil converted the screenplay to the first book in the Beachside PD series, “Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight.”It was a 2011 Global eBook Awards Suspense/Thriller finalist. Since then, they’ve written and published a sequel, “Beachside PD: The Gypsy Hunter.”

“It’s based on a real cop who the Gypsy community calls “Baro Ri,” an honorific that means, Big Cop. He shared his cases, about these elusive transient offenders, with us—it’s an incredible story.”

David has finished a prequel, “Beachside PD: Cities of Sand and Stone,” scheduled for August, 2012. The fourth book in the series, “Beachside PD: Undercover” is scheduled for December, 2012.

The Gypsy Hunter is available from Amazon in print or Kindle format.

Once again, this unique father and son writing team brings you back to the world of Beachside PD. With the ease of master story-tellers, they weave an intricate web of mystery and suspense. This time the drumbeats are faster and the plots, even more devious. Meet Detective Lieutenant Robert Zaragossa—the Jawndari Romano (Gypsy Cop). For more than a decade he has threaded his way through the secret world of the Gypsies, solving crimes from simple fortune-telling scams to the uncovering of counterfeiters, to the hunt for the murderer of a heroic war veteran. Danny Phillips, Beachside PD’s Reluctant Knight is back on the job along with his partner, Anna Perez. Follow them as they enter the world of the Seminole Nation hunting for a missing young woman; and their coming together as a family. Follow Elysa Perez, a blossoming teenage girl seeking answers to life; Harry Buckley, a sportswriter covering the Super Bowl; Lolita, a saucy island waitress; Bull Belinsky, caught in bed next to his dead girlfriend; old friends like Jay Gardner, Aiden Fitzpatrick, Chief Chamberlain and Johnny Harjo are back. Also meet new friends, and new bad guys. And an old enemy returns, former BPD Captain, the malignant James Hagen. As in Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight, the crimes are real; so be prepared for the hot action of the hunt, as the bad guys are tracked down and brought to justice.

 Learn more about the Beachside PD books from the website.


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26 thoughts on “Featured Authors: Neil L. Yuzuk and David A. Yuzuk”

  1. It's on my 'to read' list. Love the cover – it reminds me of that famous National Geographic cover of the Iranian (I think) girl with the piercing eyes.

  2. The Gypsy Hunter is up there with any novel by Joseph Wambaugh or Daniele Steele. The action is fast moving, the characters are real and the story line is facinating.

    We are going to be hearing a lot about David and Neil Yuzuk very shortly.

    Can't wait for the next one!


    1. Thanks Gabe. There should be 2 more in the series by the end of the year. Dave just finished "Cities of Sand and Stone: A Beachside PD Prequel" and I'm working hard on "Beachside PD: Undercover."

  3. I'm very proud to know both of you!

    Congratulations for all your accomplishments!

    Neil I've being IN RECOVERY for almost nine years and I appreciate your job as a counselor, I'm a retired counselor graduated from Barry University at 58 years old but, I relapsed.

    God bless you both!

    Big hug,

    Enrique Herrera

    1. Mi Amigo Enrique, Gracias.

      Like David, I am appreciative of your acting skills and your incredible personal warmth.

      I rewrote a key character in the book for you. His name is Enrique and he is the Spanish Gypsy head of a family. You are going to chew up the screen in several scenes that I wrote with your face and voice in my head. It was a challenge to me, as a writer, to give you a chance to show your skills to perfection.

      Please feel free to contact me on Facebook if you ever feel the need to talk.

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