Projecting Your Authorship to the World

project a professional author image We’re writers. Our weapon of choice is words. We use them in ways that evoke emotion, that educate, that take our readers on a fantasy journey, that incite, excite, satisfy, and shock. In order to do this, we must make sure that our words come together in a way that keeps the reader’s interest, that keeps the reader willing to suspend disbelief and go along with us on our odyssey.

Misuse of words and errant typos ain’t gonna cut it. Continue reading “Projecting Your Authorship to the World”

For the Love of the Book

I read a Facebook post recently where an author was bitterly complaining about the service (yep, that’s the word they used), they were receiving from an administrator at an Indie book site. The service was slow and they weren’t happy that it had taken several weeks to have their book featured. And, just the other day a reviewer friend of mine who just lost a family member, emailed an author apologizing that their interview would be delayed and explaining why. The response back from the author was silence, no sympathy, just silence, and then eventually, a short email from the author tersely asking when they could expect their interview to be posted. This is unacceptable behavior, online or face to face.

So, here’s the deal. Actually, there are two things. First of all, the folks we interact with online are real. Yes, they are. They’re not just smiley little icons or names with this @ in front of them. They’re real people. I heard someone say the other day that when we’re online we should pretend we’re not. Pretend you’re face to face with the other person and treat them with the same respect and courtesy you would in real life. It’s a good thought, and I’ll take it a step further. I’m going to be here for a while. The majority of my income is derived from my book sales so the relationships I have with you and the other folks in the reader/writer community are very important to me. So, if there’s a website I think is helpful I’ll share it and perhaps even mention it in an article that I write, or if there’s a reviewer who I think is doing a great job then I’ll do everything I can to support them. Continue reading “For the Love of the Book”

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