Perspective Changes Everything

We are all individuals in this world with different ways of looking at the same events. No better period demonstrates this principle than our current events. Here in the United States, we have two political parties that are talking about the same issues in entirely different ways. Depending on how you look at things, you are either dissing half the country or telling it like it is.

Have you seen the recent NFL referee debacle? If you caught the end of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers game last Monday night, you saw one of the most publicized displays of perspective in the history of sports. Changing perspective changes everything. In fact, you had two officials standing over the play signaling two different outcomes. Continue reading “Perspective Changes Everything”

The Beautiful Darkness

There was a time when all I wanted out of writing was to get the madness in my mind out. There are too many thoughts in there. A lot of them are not pleasant. So, I write and it somehow drains the bad ones out a little bit. Now, I write for lots of reasons, including money. But that brain drain is still important.

Someone who cares a lot about me questioned the logic of writing “dark” stories the other day. I love this person and respect their opinion. The argument was that, since I dabble in depression anyway, writing dark, bleak, sad, and sometimes depressing stories must be a bad idea. Continue reading “The Beautiful Darkness”

Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari

Alex Canton-Dutari

[This is a golden oldie—it ran on Indies Unlimited back on October 9, 2011.]

Author Alex Canton-Dutari (Alejandro Cantón-Dutari) was born in the Republic of Panama in 1944, where he still resides. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and worked in the field of clinical sexology from 1967 to 2006.  Though retired from clinical practice, his grandson, Dieguito insists he is not retired because,  “Abuelito, you write books.”

Alex is a widower with three boys and four grandchildren.  He describes himself as  a humanitarian by belief and actions, and stays interested in world affairs.

He is a prolific indie author who has published short novels, a textbook on sex therapy, two self-help books on sexual orientation and many scientific articles. He is not the kind of man who’ll be nervous or put off by the fact that this interview may be read by upwards of a dozen people. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Alex Canton – Dutari”