Size Matters: The Benefits of Writing Short Fiction

Sometimes smaller is just better.
Sometimes smaller is just better.

Six months ago, I wrote a post about what I would do if I was starting over as an indie publisher. One of the things I said I would do was to consider writing shorter. I’d like to expand on that.

First, I love to read short stories. I grew up reading O. Henry, Mark Twain, James Thurber. As an adult, each new Stephen King short story collection has been must reading. With the popularity of eReaders today, the lines are now blurred of what a novel, a novella, and a short story are in the minds of our readers. They all weigh the same on a Kindle. I markedly promote my shorter works as short stories to avoid a rash of “It was too short” reviews, but I notice that a number of reviewers just refer to them as “books.” Continue reading “Size Matters: The Benefits of Writing Short Fiction”

Kindle Singles: Love It or Leave It?

kindle singlesAmazon Kindle now has another option for writers, “Kindle Singles,” particularly aimed at short stories, novellas and other shorter works. I admit to being unaware of this program until I saw a post on Facebook last week. I couldn’t find a way to contact Kindle Singles, so I had to send my questions to Kindle customer service instead. But they were prompt with a reply. Continue reading “Kindle Singles: Love It or Leave It?”