Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes

google search logoGoogle is changing its algorithm again. Unfortunately, this time we have to pay attention. On April 21st, Google introduced perhaps its most game-changing alteration to how it ranks websites than ever before. Forget the cute little Panda and Penguin changes that they instituted in the past, this one can affect your visibility almost immediately. Continue reading “Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes”

Google Plus is a +1

5 Billion clicks per day

A bird whispered in my ear, and no, it wasn’t Twitter, that some peeps in the IU universe have requested a post on Google Plus. I had a couple of choices on what I was going to do today—real work that earns money, brand myself with a hot iron, or, write about Google+. Well, Google+ won!

There are many differing opinions on the effectiveness of this social media platform. I’ve always said, “If over 100 million people are on it, then it can’t be all bad.”

Not too bad for a platform that’s only been around since June of 2011. It’s estimated that the Google “+1” button is triggered over five BILLION times per day. An amazing stat considering how tricky it is to actually hover over that button and hope you can type something. Continue reading “Google Plus is a +1”

Tips for Better Google Search Results Using SEO Part 2 by Jen Smith

SICK by Jen SmithThanks for tuning in for Part II of ‘Get better Google search results with SEO’. If you missed Part I you can find it here. What comes up when you Google your name and your book? Anything? Try mine, if you’d like – Google: Jen Smith SICK. I come up in eight of the top ten listings most of the time and my book and blog have only been out since mid February. How does this happen? I’m going to share with you some of the top trade secrets that have been shared with me by Scott Wasserman of WSI Internet Marketing. Continue reading “Tips for Better Google Search Results Using SEO Part 2 by Jen Smith”

Tips for Better Google Search Results Using SEO Part 1 by Jen Smith

SICK by Jen SmithWhen I finished my book, SICK, and had it edited I felt like I had really accomplished something. Of course the dream of an agent was fluttering around in my brain like a beautiful brightly colored butterfly. I proceeded to write the most interesting gripping query letter I could possibly muster up and sent it out to eighty agents. Yup, that’s an exact number I carefully logged them on an excel spreadsheet. (geek) My beautiful dreamy butterfly quickly turned into an ugly moth as the rejections flooded in. Add the bad timing of Borders closing to the fact that agents now get hundreds of submissions sometimes daily, and I realized that I didn’t stand a chance. Borders was now sending back its entire inventory to the publishers at the cost of the publishers. That’s how it works. So no one was willing to take a chance on an unknown author. (I’m not ready to ponder the possibility that I suck as an author.) Continue reading “Tips for Better Google Search Results Using SEO Part 1 by Jen Smith”