Spooky Reads for Halloween

stephen king IT coverIn celebration of Halloween, let’s salute good old spooky reads.

In the comments below, please tell us about your favorite scary book. Please do it as follows:

Title: IT
Author: Stephen King
Link: http://www.amazon.com/Stephen-King-ebook/dp/B002SR2PKG/
Why: One word: CLOWNS

If you wrote a scary, spooky, or creepy book, please don’t list it yourself. Do the honorable thing and pay a friend to do it. (Remember, IU is a PG13 and Safe-for-Work site.)

We will turn the links into book cover images for you. Please don’t try to do that yourself. And, if you don’t see the book covers, please check your AdBlock settings. Thanks!

Video Trailer: Creepier by the Dozen

Creepier 2013 CoverCreepier by the Dozen is a collection of twelve short stories written by a father, son and daughter team of writers. These twisted tales are crafted in the Twilight Zone tradition, and just in time for your creepy Halloween to-be-read list.

Creepier by the Dozen, the short story collection by Stephen, Cole and Anneliese Hise, is available from Amazon.com, Amazon UKSmashwords and other online booksellers.

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