Spooky Reads for Halloween

stephen king IT coverIn celebration of Halloween, let’s salute good old spooky reads.

In the comments below, please tell us about your favorite scary book. Please do it as follows:

Title: IT
Author: Stephen King
Link: http://www.amazon.com/Stephen-King-ebook/dp/B002SR2PKG/
Why: One word: CLOWNS

If you wrote a scary, spooky, or creepy book, please don’t list it yourself. Do the honorable thing and pay a friend to do it. (Remember, IU is a PG13 and Safe-for-Work site.)

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23 thoughts on “Spooky Reads for Halloween”

  1. Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Tales and Poems
    Edgar Allan Poe

    Why: Poe is so much more than “The Raven.” My favorite story of his is “The Masque of the Red Death.”

  2. Dracula
    Bram Stoker
    The classic. When a shaft of light in my home illuminates the small particles of dust in the air, I always think of his description of the wives reassembling themselves out of these seemingly random fragments. Brilliant and scary. It is my excuse for not dusting.

  3. The Haunting of Toby Jug
    Dennis Wheatley
    I terrified myself and suffered nightmares by reading this classic just before going to sleep; I was fifteen years of age and in the Cambridge military hospital, suffering from acute sinusitis at the time.

  4. Not a super scary book, as I don’t like super scary, but a lot of psychological terror in Before I go to Sleep (which comes out as a movie this weekend, too). Fabulous book about an amnesiac who relies on her husband Ben to help her with everything, but one day finds a note from herself saying: DON’T TRUST BEN.

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