Featured Book: Dark and Disturbed

Dark and Disturbed by Morgan WintersDark and Disturbed: A Flash Fiction Collection
by Morgan Winters
Category: Dark Fiction
This book is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

This collection of 25 flash fiction stories features darkly humorous and sometimes creepy works ranging from a ten-year-old serial killer to talking woodland creatures. Each story includes a written prompt and a full-color photograph, so the reader can see how they were twisted to be dark and disturbed.

Video Trailer: Creepier by the Dozen

Creepier 2013 CoverCreepier by the Dozen is a collection of twelve short stories written by a father, son and daughter team of writers. These twisted tales are crafted in the Twilight Zone tradition, and just in time for your creepy Halloween to-be-read list.

Creepier by the Dozen, the short story collection by Stephen, Cole and Anneliese Hise, is available from Amazon.com, Amazon UKSmashwords and other online booksellers.

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Video Trailer: Blue Food and other menu items

The works of Ken La Salle range from the bizarre to the whimsical and even further beyond still. In Blue Food and other menu items, Ken La Salle treats you to a dozen tales, hilarious and deeply strange. Blue Food and other menu items is a little taste of craziness to lighten the soul — and it’ll only lighten your wallet a tiny bit.

Blue Food and other menu items, the short story collection by author Ken La Salle, is available through Amazon.com, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

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Ioana Visan Announces New Title

Author Ioana Visan is pleased to announce the release of her collection of paranormal stories, Where Shifters Meet for Drinks.

Life is never easy when two major clans reside in the same city. Politics become more complicated especially since said citizens possess fangs and claws, beaks and talons as the werewolves and were-eagles do.

They also happen to be at war.

The one person responsible to keep them all in check is the Mayor, and even he is at loss when the threats come from the outside. But sometimes, just sometimes, miracles do happen.

Seven stories meant to make you laugh, sigh, sit on the edge of your seat, cringe, and think. Shapeshifter stories for non-shapeshifter fans.

Where Shifters Meet for Drinks was released on December 14, 2012 and is available from Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and other online booksellers.