Creating a Lens with Squidoo

What is Squidoo? Make sure to read my article “Introduction to Squidoo” to find out more.

Well, I initially thought it was similar to Pinterest but instead of creating pages you create “Lenses”. I was wrong. Squidoo is a free online tool that allows anyone to create a web page called a “Lens” on any topic in which they would consider themselves an expert. It is perfect if you don’t already have a blog or a website, and if you have those, it is terrific for driving traffic to it.

Squidoo wants you to be professional, creative and produce beautiful lenses that can be admired by all. Go to where you can join by logging in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Agree to the applications being used by Squidoo. Well done! You are now able to create a lens. Once you have logged on, you can play about with your profile and settings (photo, biography, etc.), or just begin creating a lens. Continue reading “Creating a Lens with Squidoo”

Introduction to Squidoo

I have a problem. I have recently become an addict. I discovered Squidoo and now I can’t leave it alone. Not only is it free and simple to use but it is perfect for driving traffic to your blog/website or author pages. In brief, it gives you more exposure (the virtual variety) and if you want, you can even earn money from it.

It isn’t difficult to use, however, you will require some time to set up a good Lens which is essentially a very interesting page, consisting of sections, called modules. (Mine took four days to set up, but I am a slow learner!) You can use Squidoo’s templated platform to create a Lens on any topic you’d like. You can create as many Lenses as you want. Once you build your Lens you can publish it to the web. You even get to pick the URL. For example: My other Lens is

Benefits of Using Squidoo
There are undoubtedly many benefits of using Squidoo. I wouldn’t be talking about it otherwise! There are millions of Squidoo Lenses, many of which can be found at the top of Google searches for their given topic. You should build a Squidoo Lens because: it’s free, you can make money through affiliate links and banner ads on Squidoo, it is simple (there are easy tutorials, a wizard and an eBook to assist you) and finally, SEO tools are built-in and easy to use, which allows you to rank higher on search engines for your topic. Continue reading “Introduction to Squidoo”