12 Things I would Tell My Pre-Writer Self

Baby WriterLike many, I have learned a lot on my path to become a writer.It set me thinking about what I would tell my pre-writer self. This is what I put together: Continue reading “12 Things I would Tell My Pre-Writer Self”

Why Every Writer Should Have a Go at Stand-Up

ComedianIt’s no good jeering at me and saying this post is rubbish. I am immune. I am deaf to your complaints and even better, I have learned how to deal with hecklers. You can say what you will, I’m determined to continue and explain why I’ve written it.

I understand your reluctance, after all, you probably write Science Fiction or Romance or YA and can’t see how doing stand-up comedy can help. Rest assured it can.

In a nutshell, stand-up comedy is brilliant for the brain, your self-confidence, and for boosting your presence. People love comedy even if you’re not very good at delivering it.

You do not need to go on a course to do stand-up. There are plenty of self-help books on this subject and indeed comedians who are willing to do online mentoring for merely a mention on your blog. They are artists like us and willing to assist others. If you want to sign up for a course and learn to do it with others, there are plenty available. Continue reading “Why Every Writer Should Have a Go at Stand-Up”

Are You Prepared For Your Launch?

rocket-launch-67641_640You’ve got a new release coming out and you want it to be a massive hit. You’ve arranged a publicity campaign and told everyone about it, sorted various events, planned a big online launch party and sent emails to the press. You’re pumped and geared up to launch this baby way into orbit. Just before you go racing off in a frenzy of activity, take a moment to read this little post. Publicity is good. You need publicity, but alone it is one small part of a bigger strategic plan necessary to give a book and author a better chance for significant sales.

While book publicity plays an important role in creating awareness, there are several factors that positively or negatively impact book sales in spite of your valiant efforts. In order to have the best possible chance of attracting media attention and potential book buyers, authors need to consider doing the following to set books up for the greatest chance of success. Continue reading “Are You Prepared For Your Launch?”

Is Instagram Effective for Writers?

surfing and husky photoAs a writer, you no doubt spend a lot of your time shut away behind closed doors, typing furiously. Life is lonely and you may only break the isolation to visit the fridge or hang about at the virtual water cooler of social media. However, social media isn’t a respite from writing, it involves more writing and is a notorious time suck.

I recently discovered a better way to take a break and still check in with online friends. It’s one of the easiest platforms to add to your social media — it’s fast, and it integrates easily into other profiles like Twitter and Facebook, so you can share your photos across all your social media accounts. I joined Instagram. Continue reading “Is Instagram Effective for Writers?”