Author Fan Club Awesomeness

Melissa Pearl Fan Club on Facebook
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Last month I talked about Street Teams and well, how mine didn’t actually go so great. This month I want to talk about Fan Clubs and how I prefer this to what I was doing before.

So, what’s the difference between a Street Team and a Fan Club? Well, for me, I thought of a street team as a group of people who could help me promote my work. Like my own little set of minions, they would do things for me and I would reward them with free eBooks and the odd surprise gift. When this didn’t work out, I wanted to try something completely different. I took the advice of a few successful author friends of mine and started up the Melissa Pearl Fan Club. Continue reading “Author Fan Club Awesomeness”

What Is a Street Team and How Can it Help You?

street teams for authorsThere have been a lot of questions recently about street teams and fan clubs. What are the differences and how can they help you? Having been involved with both, I thought I might share my experiences and then you can decide for yourself which might serve you better.  This month I’ll focus on street teams and I’ll cover fan clubs in March.

With some of the limitations being imposed by Facebook algorithm changes, and also the complete flood in the market, it makes it hard to get any kind of exposure. This is where a street team can come in really handy. Continue reading “What Is a Street Team and How Can it Help You?”

Street Teams: An Author’s Ally

street teams for authorsI’ve never been the type to position myself on the bleeding edge of whatever new strategy or technology that comes along, so it’s not a surprise that when I recently learned about Street Teams, what was brand new to me has apparently been around for a while. I happened to stumble on it while perusing another author’s web page. He had a link to what he called his main character’s team, i.e. Annie’s Army or Sheldon’s Squadron. Curious, I clicked on it and found the sign-up to join this elite team. Continue reading “Street Teams: An Author’s Ally”